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Aipom is a contestant on Total Stuffed Island. He is a member of Team Ugh.

Total Stuffed Island HistoryEdit

Aipom debuted in the episode New Heights. Due to his team not getting an interview, he isn't seen much in this episode. In the challenge, he dives in right after Mickey and lands safely.

In Dreaming About Your Balls, Aipom sees that Mickey was sent to the cage. When Valentino asks who wants to join him Aipom says he does. After Valentino tries to get him in he decides he doesn't want to go anymore. At the end of the episode Aipom is still awake. He flys at Valentino randomly causing him to yell "Jesus Christ Aipom!".

In Melon Vs. Melon, Aipom is seen sleeping with the rest of the cast. During the speech Aipom seems to still be asleep. Aipom says he can spank the watermelon. However Valentino says he's not allowed to do it because he sucks. Aipom runs off wailing. Aipom does nothing of interest in episode 4, Satan's Balls.

Episode 5, Crock of Crap, starts out rocky for Aipom. He spanks Valenino and he threatens to vote him out. Luckily Aipom pursuades the mad host to allow him to stay in the game. Later the monkey is seen sitting on Mickey's nose. He is smacked off by Valentino.

Though he narrowly escaped elimination in episode 5, he wasn't so lucky in Mass Elimination. Aipom decided to test his luck during the interview and slap Valentino's face. Valentino was outraged by Aipom's slap and eliminated him during the ceremony.


Aipom is an upbeat and energetic character. As he is a monkey, he loves swinging around wutg his tail that has a hand at the end. Whenever Aipom is angered, he slaps others with his hand tail. Sometimes he does this just to cause trouble and have some fun. Sadly his need for slapping is what causes his downfall, as Valentino eliminates him for slapping. Aipom is friendly with a majority of his teamates and is a generally nice person.