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Azuril is a contestant on Total Stuffed Island and a member of Team Ugh.

Total Stuffed Island HistoryEdit

Azuril first appeared along with all the others in New Heights. He sneaks into Team Slurp's interviews and yells at Corphish for saying that the White House didn't exist when he was a kid. After Valentino announces the first challenge, Azuril cheers. This causes Valentino to be slightly angered as he wasn't supposed to talk. However he quickly forgives him. While jumping, Azuril lands in the killer car zone and gets mauled.

Again Azuril appeared in Dreaming About Your Balls. He had a much smaller role in this episode than he did in the first. He stays awake until the end but has no lines in the episode.

In Melon Vs. Melon, he is seen sleeping with the rest of the gang. He slept during Valentino's rant. During the challenge, Aipom demonstrates his slapping skills on Azuril.

In Satan's Balls, it can be assumed that Azuril was the head cook. He presented the cookies to Valentino and fed them to him. Azuril's cooking paid off as Valentino loved the cookies. In fact he even stated they tasted like happiness. Azuril is silent in the following episode, Crock of Crap.


Azuril is a cute little guy. He is one of the happiest characters ever. Everyone around him loves him, even the heartless host Valentino. Azuril is very young and naive. He knows little about the world around him. The rest of the cast helps him out and treats him as a younger brither. Being young, he often butts heads with Corphish, one of the oldest contestants. Azuril yells at Corphish whenever he says that something wasn't around in his day.


  • Azuril is the only contestant to not spark conflict with Valentino.
  • Azuril is one fo the 13 pokemon on the show. The others being Aipom, Pikachu, Mesprit, Spoink, Corphish, Crackachu, Mime Jr., Munchlax, Psyduck, Turtwig, Squirtel, and Treecko.
  • Azuril is planned to reappear in Pikachu and Waffles Adventures but this time portrayed by ILVGwebmaster.