Minor Character and Contestant


Yoshi ( on birdo's side)


Trooper (possibly)



Voice actor


Episode Eliminated

The Big Sleep (TDI), Crapture The Flag (TDIR)


25th place (TDI), 15th place (TDIR)


Screaming Shy Guys (TDI), Screaming Star Sprites (TDIR)

Birdo is a minor character on The Toad Show and was formerly a contestant on Toadal Drama Island. She ranked 25th place, only beating BJ and was a member of the Screaming Shy Guys. She returned as a contestant for Toadal Drama Garry's MOD, before it's cancellation and will be returning a 3rd time for Toadal Drama Island Returns in 2013/2014.


Birdo was born in Subcon to a mother named Birdgette. When Birdgette spat the egg from her mouth, Birdo crashed into a hard rock. This collision caused Birdo to have brain damage and make him think he was a chick. When Birdo left Subcon, she bought a bow and pounds of mascara to make herself "pretty". Birdo hangs out in bars to look for unintelligent men to bang. One day she met Yoshi and went out with him. The two married and had a young baby named Yoshi Jr. But soon Yoshi got a divorce with Birdo. Birdo kept the kid and locked him in a cellar underground. Now Birdo stalks Yoshi every minute and never backs down.


Birdo is a stalkish freak. All she wants is to make love to Yoshi. She is extremely persistint and will stop at nothing to be with Yoshi. Birdo always thinks that Yoshi and herself are perfect for each other and will do anything for Yoshi. Where ever Yoshi goes Birdo follows.

Relationships (TDI)Edit

Birdo has no real friends. She and Trooper can be seen standing together often but their is little evidence of a friendship. All of the other characters find her to be very annoying. They hate how she is and the way she stalks Yoshi. Yoshi hates her for being a stalker and wants nothing to do with Birdo. Birdo however loves the green dinosaur and willl stop at nothing to be hers.

Elimination (Total Drama Island)Edit

Even though almost everyone hates birdo, it is most likely that she was eliminated because she was tricked by Yoshi into losing the challenge for there team.

Elimination (TDIR) Edit

At world bases she made Yoshi had a heart atack and sending him to the rest zone, Birdo acidentaly destroyed the prision making Carl from the oposite team get the flag and even tougth Mimi and Peach made a promise to get rid of Bowser, Bowser recived a Musrhoon and Mario was in the Botton 2 making Birdo beging voted out, Yoshi beging friends whit Mimi and Mario losing his trust on Peach.


  • Birdo is the first contestant voted off of the Screaming Shy Guys and the first female eliminated on Toadal Drama Island
  • Birdo will be returning as a camper on the Screaming Star Sprites in Toadal Drama Island Returns.
  • Birdo, along with BJ, has never recieved a mushroom due to being the first eliminated from his team.
  • Birdo, Morton, and Steve are the only three Non-antagonists to have an everyone conflict.