Butt Monkey in interrogation

The Butt Monkey is the main antagonist of the High School Humor short, The Minnesotan Mafia. He is the main foe of the mobsters. The reasons for their conflict is unown and not revealed in the video. Butt Monkey is brought to Mafia Don by the mobsters in an interrogation attempt. Reasons for the interrogation and what they were trying to figure out is unown. Eventually the gang decides to threaten him constantly. When the goats arrive, the mobsters escape their onslaught. He is assumingly killed by the goats. He is portrayed by Justin Martin, Emoevan7's little brother.


  • Butt Monkey is most likely not his real name, but a nickname given to him by the mob.
  • Butt Monkey may be the leader of another gang. This might be what caused the Mafia's hatred for him.
  • Butt Monkey may have possibly escaped his run-in with the goats but it is very unlikely as they have amazingly razor sharp horns and teeth made for tearing skin off the bone.