The Canon of Losers is the secondary mode of elimination, that contestants take when they are eliminated on Toadal Drama Island Returns. In episode 7 Toad replaced the Fling of Shame to the canon because it couldn't be rented in the budget. However, it was revealed that he was lying when Peach noticed that the Sling of Shame was still on the island in episode 9.


The Cannon of Losers, or Cannon of Shame, is a rustic black cannon with giant golden wheels and a wick. The cannon seems to be activated by other means than lighting the wick, since the wick is never seen lit during eliminations.

Victims (Toadal Drama Island Returns)[]


  • When the Canon of Losers was first seen it looked like a Bill Blaster.
  • Birdo has taken the Cannon of Losers more times than anyone, being 2.
    • The second time was to accompany Yoshi's elimination.