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Ching Chong is a contestant on Total Stuffed Island and is a member of Team Slurp.

Total Stuffed Island HistoryEdit

Ching Chong's first appearance is New Heights. When they ask his name he says "Ching Chong Ching Chong". Valentino then asks what he likes to do. Ching Chong replies with "Your mother". During the Challenge, Ching Chong unfortunately lands in the killer car zone.

Ching Chong's most major role was in episode, Dreaming About Your Balls. While Ching Chong is sitting on the cage, Valentino tries to push him in. However this doesn't work out well for him and Ching Chong stays on top of the cage. Throughout the episode Valentino tries multiple times to knock him into the cage but fails each time. He tries twice to knock him in with his head and once using Mime jr. to knock him in. However each of these attempts end in failure. Eventually at the end Ching Chong's grip fails and he falls into the cage.

Ching Chong doesn't speak in any of the following three episodes. It is very strange as in the previous episode he had such a large role. The episodes he remains silent for are Melon Vs. Melon, Satan's Balls, and Crock of Crap. He usually just stands around and blends in with the rest of the cast in these episodes.

Ching Chong was eliminated in Mass Elimination. During his interview with Valentino he constantly spoke his asain talk. Valentino said he hated him for this and eliminated the poor panda.


Ching Chong is an asain and proud. He doesn't mind the stereotypes. In fact, this panda loves them. The guy actually attempts to inforce them. Though he is able to speak chinese and english, he prefers to say "ching, chong, and chang". He loves white rice and any other asain food such as eggrolls and sushi. He enjoys purposly crashing his car into people to enforce the "Chinese drivers suck" stereotype. Every act of this panda bear furthers the believes of asain stereotypes. Does Ching Chong care? Not one bit.


  • Ching Chong's Beanie Babies name is Fortune the Panda.
  • Other than Ching, Chong, and Chang, Ching Chong's only words are "Your Mother".