ILVG's Song Parodies

First Song

Hottie Next to Me

# of Songs



ILVGwebmaster JCMGamer100

Song length

Commonly 2-3 minutes

ILVG's Song Parodies is a series of songs written and performed by the ILVG cast.


Allstar Weekend-Different Side of Me Parody (Hottie Next to Me)

Ke$ha-Tik Tok Parody (Crack Rocks)

Rock Song Remix-Smoke on the Water, Paint it Black, and Don't Stop Beliving


ILVGwebmaster as Himself, Druggie, and Splice

JCMGamer100 as Himself and Drug Dealer

Vocodes as Star

TheBleedingAngle as Switch


  • Currently two of the Three songs have been made for school purposes, Crack Rocks and Rock Song Remix.
  • Some Members do not count Rock Song Remix as an actual song, however ILVGwebmaster does infact count it.
  • Many more songs are in the works such as another drug song and a Alejandro parody about Pokemon.
  • Crack Rocks is currently the most successful of the songs.
  • Hottie Next to Me is being rerecored for an upcoming music video.
  • ILVGwebmaster and JCMGamer100 have tried out for two school talent shows with Crack Rocks. The first they were denied and they are still being judged on the second.
  • A live version of Crack Rocks will be posted if the two make it into the talent show. This live version will have an extra section to the song which is a slower part before the final chorus.