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The Mayhem Begins

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ILVGwebmaster JCMGamer100

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Around 10 minutes


Destructive Comedy

Imma Moron is a live-action show. It was created by ILVGwebmaster and JCMGamer100.


Imma Moron follows ILVGwebmaster and JCMGamer100 as they try to do stupid things to amuse their fans. Every episode usually features 4 dumb things. Two done by ILVG and two done by JCM. However in episode 4 this is not the case. Usually, but not always, they have two physically dumb things and two mentally dumb things. More than just ILVG and JCM take part in this as Emoevan7 also appears on episode 3 and others are planned for future episodes.


ILVGwebmaster as Himself

JCMGamer100 as Himself

Emoevan7 as Himself

Episode GuideEdit

Episode 1: The Mayhem Begins

Episode 2: Outdoor Issues

Episode 3: Beating Up Emoevan7

Episode 4: An Epic Fail of an Episode

Idiocy ActsEdit

The Mayhem Begins

  • ILVGWebmaster gets his hair sprayed blue.
  • Unload a full can of Silly Spray on JCMGamer100.
  • ILVGWebmaster jumps on a nearly broken chair, three times.
  • JCMGamer100 stabs an aerosol can with a shovel.

Outdoor Issues

  • ILVGwebmaster eats sand.
  • JCMGamer100 jumps off a swing set.
  • ILVGwebmaster attemps to use wood to catapault JCMGamer100
  • ILVGwebmaster and JCMGamer100 attack each other on their swings and call it Swing Wars.

Beating Up Emoevan7

  • Emoevan7 is smacked in the head with a shovel by JCMGamer100.
  • Emoevan7 is bashed over the head by ILVGwebmaster with a long stick of wood.
  • "The Human Nail" JCM and ILVG bash him over the head with metal rods and Baseball bats
  • JCMGamer100 smacks Emoevan7 with a plastic chair.
  • ILVGwebmaster smacks Emoevan7 over the head with a table.
  • Emoevan7 and ILVGwebmaster run into a wooden post at full speed.

Epic Fail of an Episode

  • ILVGwebmaster falls off a climbing wall (not intended)
  • JCMGamer100 falls off climbing bars.
  • ILVGwebmaster falls off tire swing.
  • JCMGamer100 drops the video camera (not intended)
  • JCMGamer100 jumps off a swing set, again.


  • Imma Moron was in talks to be cancelled when L0lproductionstudi0 closed down. However ILVGwebmaster decided to keep the show and see how far it would get.
  • MrJaxboy and Honeyrox1213 have been in talks about appearing on the show.
  • Episodes 3 and 4 do not follow the same pattern as the first two episodes to.
  • ILVG plans to reestablish the pattern in future episodes.