The King Pig

The Jock, also known as the Pig, is the main antagonist of the High School Humor short, Angry Nerds. It stole the Angry Nerds alchohol. This caused them to be angered and revolt against him. He hides in an old abandoned shed from the nerds. One by one they take shots at his fortress. Eventually he sneaks out to check if they're gone but is attacked by them. He is assumingly killed by them off-screen. He is based of the King Pig in Angry Birds. He is portrayed by A-Bomb.


  • The Jock is called a "Pig" in the video on accident.
  • Though not being a King, he is based off the King Pig since he is the leader.
  • Jock is one of the first characters to die for real in one of ILVG's videos.