Killer Koopas
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BJ, 26th Place

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The Killer Koopas is one of the two teams on Toadal Drama Island. The other is the Screaming Shy Guys.


Cliff Jump: Lost Challenge, BJ was eliminated

Sleep-o-thon: Won Challenge

Dodgeball: Won Challenge

Talent Show: Won Challenge

Camp out: Won Challenge

Phobia Factor: Won Challenge

Bony Island: Won Challenge

Paintball Deerhunt: Lost Challenge, Daisy was eliminated

Cook-off: Lost Challenge, Iggy was eliminated


Original Members

Team Elimination Order

Name Team Ranking Overall Ranking Reason Episode Eliminated
BJ 13th 26th Screwed up the challenge for team by not showing up for the second half of it. Also sucked at the first challenge. Not So Happy Campers-Pt. 2
Daisy 12th 19th Mauled by a bear and lost the epic gun. This caused Toad to be angered and rig the votes to eliminate her. Steve was originally gonna be eliminated Paintball Deerhunt
Iggy 11th 18th Poisoned the interns with his tiki and cursed his entire team. Petey was originally gonna go until Roy told everyone about the cursed tiki. If You Can't Take the Heat....


  • The Killer Koopas are the Toadal Drama Island equvilent of the Killer Cast Directors.
  • The Killer Koopas Have had the longest winning streak of a team which is 6 challenges in a row.