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Daisy (broken up since Finders Keepers, on and off), and Rosalina (possibly)


Boo, Yoshi, Peach, Starlow, Rosalina, Daisy


Mario, Toadette, Bowser, Wario, Kamek, Daisy (possibly)

Episode Eliminated

"Finders Keepers"


8th place


Killer Koopas

Toadal Drama Island Returns[]

Although, mostly invisible, overshadowed, neglected and ignored for most of the season, Luigi has played a decent and strategic game throughout TDIR. Looking to get his brother's respect, he would show Mario that he could hold his own on the show. In an almost similar way to Boo, both of them were considered the "underdogs" of the show and due to their separate teams, ironically, while they did not interact together, they were both involved in an interview together during the TDIR special for the new season and they got along just fine.

Luigi is a shy and smart person, although he is considered the weaker and cowardly half of his older brother, Mario (who is universally more popular). But that didn't stop him from making the few friends he had during his time on the show, and it's clear that Daisy, even Peach prefer him over Mario. Luigi was also known for being "invisible" on TDIR, and to add insult to injury, the contestants around him, his friends and even Daisy (his girlfriend) hardly ever recognized him nor do they acknowledge his presence. After a heart-to-heart with Rosalina, Luigi saw his lack of acknowledgement as an advantage he could use to get farther in the game and get the respect he deserved.

His plan seemed to work pretty well, but failed due to his insane girlfriend's antics of wanting to avenge Carl, which unfairly resulted in his elimination. (Daisy was voted off and she took Luigi with her as "compensation" or consolation because Carl was previously eliminated and she wanted to be reunited with him and reconcile her relationship with Luigi).

His plan wasn't fully in vain as the seven remaining contestants were finally aware of his presence (at the last minute) and were fully shocked at his sudden elimination, Peach expressing the most remorse and concern as her and the remaining girls briefly mention him and discuss his elimination in the next episode.

Although, Luigi didn't get the redemption he had hoped for he would somewhat get the respect he deserved as he managed to outlast most of the other contestants and make the merge.