"Magic Is A Guarantee" is the second song featured in Toadal Drama World Cruise. It is sung by Dimentio and Wario in "A Kawaiian Hawaiian Vacation." It is sung to describe how Dimentio will make a deal with Wario to help him win over Mona unless he takes him to the finale.


Supposed to appear in: "A Kawaiian Hawaiian Vacation"

Dimentio: You failed the Pit of One Hundred Trials and failed to capture castle Mario.

But dear boy you’re in luck, cause I am here

You gotta trust in ol’ Dimentio

I’ve got some POWER you ain’t never seen

I can make your wishes all come true

There‘s no catch, contract, no sign right here

my only interest is in helping you

Listen here

Wario, I’m a friend, and I wanna help thee.

There’s just one thing that I might ask and that’s you bring me to the finale (laughs)

Just think like Aladdin and I am your genie

Come on don‘t he shy, I wanna try

Because my magic is a guarantee

Wario: Jester, how do I know you’re not lyin’

About this power beyond compare

I don’t know you

And don’t want to

You’re in Warioville and I’m the mayor!

Dimentio: Your city’s kinda small

I can power it you see

Wario: No not today

Please go away

Why don’t you go flirt with Madame Flurrie?

Dimentio: (laughs) So witty

So clever

Perhaps a demonstration, yes?

Take a look at this

Now take a look at that

Now watch me turn this

Into a ten-foot cat!

Oh look, Mona (chuckles)

I can make your fantasies real with a little twirl

Heck, I can even make you King of the World!

So don’t stand there boy, come get a glimpse,

Of what the brightness in your future holds

I’m here to take your words and make ‘em real

Please lighten up your soul isn’t sold

I‘ve got a powerful URGE to wave my hand

And make a love potion for Mona and you

You’ve gotta tell me what it is you want

So I can bippiti



Wario, I’m a friend, and I wanna help thee

You can trust me

Now don‘t you see

Because my magic is for real, magic is for real

This is not a faulty deal, not a faulty deal

Cause my magic

Is a

GUARANTEE!!!! (evil laughs)

Wario: His magic is a guarantee.


  • This whole song is a parody of "A Friend Like Me" from Disney's Aladdin.
  • Strangely enough, this song was not present in the episode proper, but was released on Youtube later on.