From left to right Boring, Sly, Cleanly, and Texting

The Mobsters are a group of characters who appear in the High School Humor Short, Minnesotan Mafia. Their main enemy is the Butt Monkey.

Mafia DonEdit

Mafia Don is the leader of the Minnesotan Mafia.

For more on this character please see Main Page: Mafia Don

Texting MobsterEdit

The Texting Mobster is a Mobster portrayed by HoldenCaulfield310. He is seen commonly on his phone texting throughout the video. Texting Mobster talks with all the contacts and usually acts as the messanger. He also picks fights often, as seen when he fights with the Boring and Cleanly Mobster. Also he seems to be slightly insane because of the look he has in his eyes.

Sly MobsterEdit

The Sly Mobster is Portrayed by Skyguy. He is very cunning and talks with a sly tone to his voice. Sly is the first to interrogate the Butt Monkey but doesn't get anything out of him. Commonly he is shown rubbing his chin and is somewhat flamboyant.

Cleanly MobsterEdit

The Cleanly Mobster is portrayed by BattleBears. He loves his furniture and will do anything to protect it. Cleanly is a fan of English leather. He is also slightly insane and chases the Camera Mobster while they are escapeing the goats.

Boring MobsterEdit

The Boring Mobster is portrayed by A-Bomb. As his name suggests he is very boring. He is just a background character. Boring Mobster does nothing of interest the entire video.

Camera MobsterEdit

The Camera Mobster is portrayed by ILVGwebmaster. His job is to document the Mobster's attacks and interrogations. He doesn't speak often but does a few times when occasionally spitting out comments.