Pink Dagger Tribe
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Wyatt, 8th place

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Pink Dagger Tribe is one of the two tribes in Survivor Minnesota. The other is the STD Tribe. It originally consisted of Alison, Carissa, Riley, and Emoevan7.


Race Challenge: Lost Challenge, voted off Wyatt


Original MembersEdit

Additional MembersEdit

Team Elimination OrderEdit

Name Team Ranking Overall Ranking Reason Episode Eliminated
Wyatt 6th


Targeted by Alison and Riley's alliance. I Want Your Horse
Lesco 5th 9th Murdered by an audience member and Mike. The Lost Episode
Alison None None None None
Carissa None None None None
Emma None None None None
Riley None None None None


  • The P in Pink Daggers is silent, making the name be pronounced as Ink Daggers.
  • The Pink Dagger Tribe is the first Tribe to go to elimination and currently the only.
  • The Pink Daggers are the only team to not have a member find a hidden immunity idol.
  • The Pink Daggers are possibly the most unsuccessful team in ILVG's reality Shows.