Screaming Shy Guys
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Birdo, 25th Place

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The Screaming Shy Guys are one of the two teams on Toadal Drama Island. The other is the Killer Koopas.


Cliff Jump: Won Challenge

Sleep-o-thon: Lost Challenge, Birdo was Eliminated

Dodgeball: Lost Challenge, Toadsworth was Eliminated

Talent Show: Lost Challenge, E. Gadd was Eliminated

Camp out: Lost Challenge, Morton was Eliminated

Phobia Factor: Lost Challenge, Waluigi was Eliminated

Bony Island: Lost Challenge, Wario Quit

Paintball Deerhunt: Won Challenge

Cook-off: Won Challenge


Original Members

Team Elimination Order

Name Team Ranking Overall Ranking Reason Episode Eliminated
Birdo 13th 25th Put himself to sleep because Yoshi told him to, failing the challenge for his team. The Big Sleep
Toadsworth 12th 24th Failed alot in the dodgeball challenge. Dodgebrawl
E. Gadd 11th 23rd Talent was sabatoged by Ludwig which caused it to try to attack Toad. Not Quite Famous
Morton 10th 22nd Annoyied everyone on his team and attracted a bear to their camp. The Sucky Outdoors
Waluigi 9th 21st Failed the final phobia challenge and called Wario fat. Phobia Factor
Wario 8th 20th Quit because he felt guilty for voting out Waluigi. Up the Creek


  • The Screaming Shy Guys are the Toadal Drama Island equivilent of The Screaming Staff Members.
  • Mario has caused every elimination on his team except for Morton's.