Seamus the Leprechaun

First Episode

The Discovery

# of Episodes


# of Seasons

2 (5 More in Planning)


ILVGwebmaster Mrjaxboy

Episode Length

Around 3 to 5 minutes



Seamus the leprechaun is a live-action action comedy show. The show was created by ILVGwebmaster and MrJaxboy.


Seamus, a leprechaun, was arrested for betraying the leprechaun king. His evil brother, Shady, was the head of police and watched over his cell. The crafty leprechaun broke free of prison and escaped his brother's clutches. As Shady chased Seamus, Seamus burried himself in the snow and frozen their. Many years later ILVGwebmaster found the frozen leprechaun and revived him. He agreed to help Seamus fit in to the human world. While at Target to introduce Seamus to retail stores, Shady abducts Seamus. ILVGWebmaster saves him from his evil brother. The next morning Seamus faces his brother in a fight to the death and wins.

In Season 2, a new villain arrives named Agent Nightingale. He works for the MIB, Mythical Investigation Bureau, an orginization which studies mythical creatures, mythical abilities, and mythical places. He plans on capturing Seamus and having him dissected and studied. ILVG and Seamus easily defeat him but little do they know he has five clones ready to fight.


MrJaxboy as Seamus

ILVGwebmaster as Himself and Shady

Tanner Donnay as Agent Nightingale, Shy Clone, Happy Clone, Nerdy Clone, and Beast Clone

Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1: The Discovery

Episode 2: Seamus' Story

Episode 3: Shady the Leprechaun

Episode 4: Party in Target

Episode 5: The Battle of the Brothers

Season 2

Episode 1: A new threat

Episode 2: Coward

Season 3


Season 4


Season 5


Season 6


Season 7



  • Seamus the Leprechaun is one of the few shows to contain background music.
  • This is one of the few shows where ILVGwebmaster plays himself as well as a fictional character.
  • Seamus the Leprechaun was filmed in Target, making it the only show to be filmed in a public store. However a video called New Year Old Videos contains sceens from Target but it wasn't the sole purpose of the video.
  • Seven seasons are being planned for the show. Most of the ILVG cast will be involved with the show.
  • The show has a large amount of goofs that inolve Shady's hat. Shady's hat is seen worn on both ILVG and Seamus when they are never seen putting it on.