Mimi next to the Sling of Shame

The Fling of Shame is a catapult that contestants take when they are eliminated on Toadal Drama Island Returns, unlike the Boat of Losers the campers that take this catapult never come back.

At the beginning on the season Toad said that he was originally going to use bob-ombs to eliminate the contestants but Toad decided to go with the catapult instead at the end of episode 2. The Canon of Losers replaced the fling because Toad said it coudn't be rented anymore. However, he was lying when Peach notices that the Fling of Shame was still on the island in episode 9 and in episode 12 it was taken to an underground storage unit.

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The Fling of Shame is a wooden catapult attacked to a set of unmovable red wheels. The catapult itself appears to be made out of metal and is activated via a lever.

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Trivia Edit

  • Rosalina was suposed to take the Fling of Shame when she was eliminated, but before Bobei could take her to the Fling of Shame she teleported to space.
  • Peach is the only contestant who has taken the Fling but not via elimination.
    • She did so to get to Yoshi's Island in episode nine.