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Mesprit, 22nd

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Team Slurp is one of the two teams on Total Stuffed Island. It is considered ILVGwebmaster's team.


Cliff Jump: Lost Challenge, Spoink was eliminated

Sleep-a-thon: Won Challenge

Cookie Challenge: Lost Challenge, Pouch was eliminated

Cup Challenge: Lost Challenge, Corphish was eliminated


Original MembersEdit

Elimination TableEdit

Name Team Ranking Overall Ranking Reason Episode Eliminated
Mesprit 13th 22nd Valentino thought he looked ugly so he was disqualified. New Heights
Spoink 12th 21st Valentino wouldn't allow him to jump, causing him to be eliminated. New Heights
Pouch 11th 18th Eliminated due to feeding Valentino Satan's Balls. Satan's Balls
Corphish 10th 16th Stuck in a cup by Valentino and automatically eliminated. Landed in chair second. Satan's Balls
Mime Jr. 9th 15th Chosen by Valentino to be eliminated due to being gay. Crock of Crap


  • Team Slurp is the only team to start of with more members than the other team.