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Hoops, 20th

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Team Ugh is one of the two teams on Total Stuffed Island. It is considered Mrfrenchtoast85's team.


Cliff Jump: Won Challenge

Sleep-a-thon: Lost Challenge, Hoops was Eliminated

Cookie Challenge: Won Challenge

Cup Challenge: Lost Challenge, Snort was eliminated


Original MembersEdit

Elimination TableEdit

Name Team Ranking Overall Ranking Reason Episode Eliminated
Hoops 9th 20th Dreamed about Valentino's Balls. Also lied and acted as if he was awake when he was truly asleep. Dreaming About Your balls
Turkey 8th 19th Pecked Valentino's balls as he slept. Got eliminated due to being too perverted. Melon vs. Melon
Snort 7th 17th Stuck in a cup by Valentino and automatically eliminated. Landed in chair first. Satan's Balls


  • Team Ugh is the only team to start off at a numbers disadvantage.
  • Hoops is the only person on the team to not have another characters name start with the same letter as his.