Red Bird

The Angry Nerds are a group of characters from High School Humor. They are based off the birds from the game Angry Birds. They fight the Pig Jock to get back their booze. They only appeared once in a video of the same name but may appear in future films.

The Small NerdEdit


Blue Bird

The Small Nerd, Also known as the Mini or Puny nerd, is a type of nerd. This nerd is small and weak. It has great difficulty smashing down fortresses. Rarely does it do strong damage to a building. It is based of the Blue Bird from Angry Birds as both are small and weak. In It's attempt at smashing the wall it walked backwards for alittle while and then collapsed to the floor, dead. It was portrayed by Skyguy.

Triple NerdEdit

The Triple Nerd, aka the Tri-nerd, is a nerd on Angry Nerds. It is one of the most powerful forms of nerd. It involves three nerds running straight forward back to back to back. It did much greater damage than the Small and Speedy nerds. It has the same power as the Blue Bird in Angry Birds and is based off of it. That makes two birds based off of the blue bird. It is portrayed by ILVGwebmaster, EmoEvan7, and HoldenCaulfield310. It is possible that this nerd is just a Bomb, Big Brother Nerd, and a regular Nerd combined into one.

Speedy NerdEdit


Yellow Bird

The Speedy Nerd, also known as the fast, Yellow, or daredevil Nerd, is a type of nerd. It is the fastest of the nerd clan. When nearing the fortress it speeds up and charges full force at the door. It is based off the Yellow Bird from Angry Birds who has the same power. It is portrayed by Battlebears. In the video, the Nerd doesn't look a whole lot faster than a regular bird.

Big Brother NerdEdit

Big Brother Bird

Big Brother Nerd

The Big Brother Nerd, Aka the Fat, Chubby, Fat Red, or Oger Nerd, is a type of Nerd on Angry Nerds. It is the largest of all and the most powerful. It's weight can easily crush anything in it's way. Big Brother Bird is slightly stupid causing it's strenght to be slightly hindered. In the video, it laughs after running into the fortress and being bounced back. It is portrayed by Emoevan7. It is possible that this bird forms or is a part of the Triple-Bird along with the Bomb Bird.

Bomb NerdEdit


Bomb Nerd

The Bomb Nerd, also known as the Black Nerd, is a Nerd on Angry Nerds. The creatures power is to shake rapidly. It is the last to take a shot at the fortress. Bomb Nerd shakes around but fails to knock it over. It is portrayed by ILVGwebmaster. It might form the Triple-Nerd along with the Big Brother Nerd.