The Toad Show

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An Average Day in the Life of a Toad

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ILVGwebmaster Emoevan7

Episode Length

Normal episodes 10-15 Min Specials 20-30 Min.

The Toad Show is an animated cartoon series created by Tyler Donnay and Wyatt Martin. It follows characters from the Super Mario Franchise and their adventures. The main character is, obviously, Toad, a happy-go-lucky mushroom retainer. Season one started on June 17th 2009 with An Average Day In the Life of a Toad, and and ended on June 25th 2010 with Party of the Century.


Most episodes consist of Toad and his friends having random misadventures. From makeing a movie, to trying to cure Toad's rapid diarrhea, to camping, Toad and his friends have some pretty crazy adventures. The Toad Show often has holiday specials such as Christmas and Halloween. The only holidays to not have full episodes revolved around them or a short about them are Easter and St. Patrick's Day. The Toad Show also has many running gags that carry on throughout the series. Some of these are Dk's constant deaths and injuries, Petey's love for his majjigger, and Bowser's abusive behavior towards Trooper and The Koopalings.

Voice Cast

Animation Age

ILVGwebmaster as Toad, Mario, Bowser, Petey, Kamek, Yoshi, Wario, Ludwig, Lemmy, Morton, Larry, Trooper, Dry Bones, Boo, Monty, Steve, Birdo, BJ, Toadsworth, Afro Koopa, Midbus, Harry, Nick, Oho Jee Twins, Gunner Guy, Gunner Guy's Friend, Oddball, Wackjob, Froggy, Michael Jackson, and Additonal Voices

Emoevan7 as Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toadette, Blooper, Roy, Iggy, Wendy, Wiggler, Donkey Kong, Waluigi, Fawful, Screwball, Majjigger, E. Gadd, Wart, Spooky, Susan, Troy, Lemony, Wolfgang, and Additional Voices

JCMGamer100 as Sammy, Mowhawk, and Additional Voices

Tanner Donnay as Kino and Additonal Voices

Episode Guide

Season 1

  • Episode 1: An Average Day in the Life of a Toad
  • Episode 2: Mushroom Movie
  • Episode 3: Toad Wood Idiot
  • Episode 4: Concentraion of Constipation
  • Episode 5: Talk My Head Off
  • Episode 6: The Koopalings Meet the Froggalings
  • Special 1: Christmas Special
  • Special 2: Halloween Special
  • Special 3: Party of the Century


  • Every character has died at some point on The Toad Show, but this is because every character dies at the end of the Christmas Special.
  • The Toad show has three main antagonists, Bowser, Mario, and Kamek
  • Party of the Century is the longest Toad Show episode, being 34:07 full minutes long.
  • An Average Day in the Life of a Toad, Mushroom Movie, and Toad Wood Idiot are the only single part episodes, the rest were either split into 2, 3, or 4 parts.
  • Steve, Trooper, Kamek's Kronies, Afro Koopa, Demented Thwomp, Mowhawk, and Sammy are the only fan-created characters on the series..
  • Petey is ILVGwebmaster's favorite character on the show.