The Toad Show Interviews
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First Episode

Toad interviews Trooper

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Episode Length

1-10 min.

The Toad Show Interviews is an animated spin-off of The Toad Show. It revolves around Toad interviewing random characters from the Annoying Orange to Steve.


The show follows our mushroom hero Toad. Every episode he will interview a different star from movies, games, books, and more. He started off with mostly fan characters but worked his way up to famous celebs like Optimus Prime. Most episodes have Toad ask the characters a few of his own questions then goes to fanmail, not every episode has fanmail however. He usually asks very personal questions that annoy the interviewee. These questions usually result in the interviewee going crazy. One of the two people involved in the interview usually dies.

Voice Cast

ILVGwebmaster as Toad, Trooper, Steve, Himself, Optimus Prime, Kid Buu, Goku, and The Annoying Orange

Tanner Donnay as Himself

*Note* Dimented Thwomp speaks but has no voice actor due to speaking in only youtube poop lines.

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Toad Interviews Trooper

Episode 2: Toad Interviews Steve

Episode 3: Toad Interviews Optimus Prime

Episode 4: Toad Interviews Optimus Prime Take 2

Episode 5: Toad Interviews Tanner Donnay

Episode 6: Toad Interviews Kid Buu

Episode 7: Toad Interviews the Annoying Orange

Episode 8: Toad Interviews Dimented Thwomp


  • The Toad Show Interviews contains the first live-action sceen in a Toad Show video, Tanner Donnay's interview.
  • The Toad Show interviews helped develop Steve, Trooper, and Dimented Thwomp.
  • It is one of the few series where an episode had to be rereleased. Kid Buu's interview wasn't completely finished when it was uploaded, forcing ILVGwebmaster to take it down and add a new one.
  • Toad Interviews the Annoying Orange is ILVG's highest viewed video with a total of 270,000 views and counting.