Toadal Drama World Cruise is the successor to Toadal Drama Island Returns. 16 contestants (some chosen by the audience) compete for another million coins, this time their venture takes them across the "real" world. It premiered on December 14th, 2018.

The cast of Toadal Drama World Cruise


16 competitors were chosen, out of a lot of 31, with roughly half being chosen by the audience, while the other half was altered by Toadette's vote tampering[1].

Two new teams compete for one-million coins, the Jolly Rogers and the Bleating Banshees The sailors must endure poor conditions of the ship, the deception of each other, and a new elimination method, the Plank of Shame.

Non-Chosen Contestants[]

Birdo, Boo, E. Gadd, Larry Koopa, Ludwig Von Koopa, Luigi, Mimi, Morton Koopa Jr., Rosalina, Starlow, Toadsworth, Trooper, Waluigi, Wendy, Yoshi and Mario

Ineligible Contestants[]

Petey was ineligible for voting because, after he quit in "Revenge of the Cameos", he flew away from the island. He has not been seen or heard from since, and his whereabouts are unknown.

Toadette was ineligible for voting due to being stranded in the desert and purposefully locked out of competing on Toadal Drama World Cruise.

Mario was ineligible for voting because he was in rehab for his anger management issues.


1 Try Knox to Die Fort Knox, Kentucky, USA One More Problem
2 A Kawaiian Hawaiian Vacation Hawaii, USA Magic Is A Guarantee
3 The Amazong Race Amazon Rainforest Down the Amazon

Teams & Eliminations[]

Contestant Team Status Place
Bowser Jolly Rogers Competing TBD
Bowser Jr Jolly Rogers Competing TBD
Carl Jolly Rogers Competing TBD
Daisy Bleating Banshees Competing TBD
Dry Bones Bleating Banshees Competing TBD
Flurrie Bleating Banshees Competing TBD
Goombella Jolly Rogers Competing TBD
Iggy Bleating Banshees Competing TBD
Lemmy Bleating Banshees Competing TBD
Mona Jolly Rogers Competing TBD
Peach Jolly Rogers Competing TBD
Roy Bleating Banshees Competing TBD
Steve Bleating Banshees Competing TBD
Wario Jolly Rogers Competing TBD
Dimentio Jolly Rogers 2nd Voted Off In 'A Kawaiian Hawaiian Vacation' 15th
Donkey Kong Bleating Banshees 1st Voted Off In 'Try Knox To Die' 16th

[1] In the special 'Toadette's Revenge' it is revealed that Toadette tampered with the votes, fixing half of the audience picks to get revenge on Toad.

Elimination Chart[]

# Contestant 1 2
14 Bowser WIN IN
14 Bowser Jr. WIN LOW
14 Carl WIN IN
14 Daisy IN WIN
14 Dry Bones IN WIN
14 Goombella WIN IN
14 Iggy IN WIN
14 Lemmy IN WIN
14 Madame Flurrie IN WIN
14 Mona WIN IN
14 Peach WIN IN
14 Roy LOW WIN
14 Steve IN WIN
14 Wario WIN IN
15 Dimentio WIN OUT
16 Donkey Kong OUT


Voice Actor Role Episode Count
Ryan Shields Toad 3/14
Mike Herrera Bobei 3/14
SuperMarioMovieMaker Bowser 3/14

Rhuze (Ep 1 Song Voice)

Melodubs (Ep 1 additional)

Bowser Jr. 3/14
Abigail Turner Daisy 3/14
Teal Gamemaster Dimentio 2/14
Paul Hikari Donkey Kong 1/14
AJ Winter Dry Bones 3/14
EyesofEstranged15 Goombella 3/14
Luigifan00001 Iggy 3/14
Alyssa Kay

Viva Becker ( Ep 1 Song Voice)

Lemmy 3/14
Holly Lindin Madame Flurrie 3/14
Holly Lindin Mona 3/14
Trina Deuhart Peach 3/14
Paul Hikari Roy 3/14
Zachery Stevens

MaksDudekVA (Ep 1 Song Voice)

Steve 3/14
Admiral Handsome Wario 3/14


  • Toadette, Mario, Petey and Blooper are the only four previous contestants that are not eligible for voting, as they were not in the special.
    • It was revealed that Mario is in rehab for his anger management.
    • Petey did not return after quitting in Toadal Drama Island Returns.
    • Blooper was blown up in Toadal Drama Island Returns.
    • Toadette was stranded in the desert and purposefully locked out of competing on World Cruise by Toad and the production team. She did make an appearance in order to hack the votes despite this, but was not eligible to compete herself.
  • Similarly to the original Toadal Drama, this season consists of five females.
  • Peach is the only finalist from Toadal Drama Island Returns respectively who returned for this season.
  • This season marks the second time Peach and Bowser and Carl, Wario and Goombella have been on a team together, coincidentally all of them are on the same team Jolly Rogers this season.
  • The 6 contestants returning from Toadal Drama Island Returns are Peach, Bowser, Carl, Daisy, Goombella, and Wario.

References Media[]

*Total Drama and Mario: The Toadal Drama series as a whole is a combination of both franchises.

*Total Drama World Tour: This specific season is based off of the third season of the Total Drama Franchise, World Tour. Both Seasons are themed around world travel, feature new contestants on top of several veterans and a song appears in every episode,

*The Songs: Most songs in the season are based off of a wide variety of popular songs:(WIP)