Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, Goombella, and Daisy


Bowser, Kamek, Wario, and Mario

Episode Eliminated

"Smoulder Boulders"


18th place


Screaming Star Sprites

Toadal Drama Island Returns[]

Toadsworth started off extremely worried about the Princess Peach, he would always make sure the princess would be safe, and that nothing would interfere with her beautiness.

Episode 1: An Explosive Welcome Part 1[]

Toadsworth is the 5th contestant introduced to the competition. He came along with Peach, Starlow, Daisy, Luigi and Goombella. He tells Toad that this island has to be 100% safe for the Princess Peach to compete. Later when Bowser arrives to the island, he tells Peach to runaway and that he will protect her. He is later placed on the Screaming Star Sprites as its 7th member.

Episode 2: An Explosive Welcome Part 2[]

Toadsworth is mainly focused on Peach in this episode. He would always warn the others that the challenge was way too dangerous for the princess so therefor he would recommend the princess to sit out of the challenge. His teammates did not like him because he would use excuses for everything. For the rest of the episode Toadsworth didn't say much until at night when Mario told Toadsworth that Waluigi was a threat to the princess. Later Toadsworth agrees with Mario in voted out Waluigi. At the elimination ceremony, Toadsworth receives a mushroom and advances to the next day.

Episode 3: Where There's A Will There's A Wendy[]

In this episode, Toadsworth doesn't say much at all. As Toad is explaining that he needs one special bean to make a triple shot bean espresso, Toadsworth comments that it costs one million coins to just make one. Toadsworth explained to the princess to be careful and to not participate in the challenge. After the Screaming Star Sprites lost again, Toadsworth team has to decide who to vote out. Bowser mentions Toadsworth is taking Peach (his woman) away from him. At the elimination ceremony, Toadsworth is at the bottom two, however he receives a mushroom and advances to the next day.

Episode 4: Smoulder Boulders[]

In the beginning, Toadsworth goes on and on how to keep the Princess Peach safe. His team starts to complain that he kept them all night. During the challenge, Toadsworth and Peach don't participate. The princess finally realized that Toadsworth obsessiveness with her had to come to an end. The drama grew when Toadsworth was yelled at by the princess, from that point on Toadsworth realized that the princess did not need his help in this game anymore. In the end Toadsworth quit the game and ranked 18 overall. Before being shot away, the princess interfered and apologized to Toadsworth. From there on, Toadsworth realized that the princess is now a fully grown woman that can take care of herself. 

Toadal Drama World Cruise[]

Toadsworth did not qualify for this season, and even though, in Revenge of the Cameos, Camp Wawanakwa was destroyed. Toadsworth would usually save Peach, Peach survived, however, if Toadsworth did survive, and competed in Toadal Drama World Cruise, he would save Peach from any danger after the explosion at Camp Wawanakwa in Revenge of the Cameos. Peach didn't say anything about him in Toadal Drama World Cruise.