Toadal Stuffed Island
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The host, Valentino

First Episode

New Heights

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ILVGwebmaster Mrfrenchtoast85

Episode Length

2-5 min.


Reality Show

Total Stuffed Island is a plush series created by ILVGwebmaster and Mrfrenchtoast85. It features 22 plushes and their adventure for a million dollar prize.


The show follows the same plot as many other reality shows. 22 contestants compete in crazy challenges. The losing team of each challenge is eliminated. However there is no vote off. The crazy host, Valentino eliminates one of them for little to no reason. They must fight to survive his evil brutality and win the grand prize.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1Edit

  • Episode 1: New Heights
  • Episode 2: Dreaming About Your Balls
  • Episode 3: Melon Vs. Melon
  • Episode 4: Satan's Balls
  • Episode 5: Crock of Crap
  • Episode 6: Mass Elimination
  • Episode 7: Camera Bash
  • Episode 8: Black Man Koolaid
  • Episode 9: Season Finale


Name Team Status Place Reason
Mesprit Team Slurp 1st Eliminated 22nd Valentino thought he looked ugly so he was disqualified.
Spoink Team Slurp 2nd Eliminated 21st Valentino wouldn't allow him to jump, causing him to be eliminated.
Hoops Team Ugh 3rd Eliminated 20th Dreamed about Valentino's balls. Also pretended to be awake when he wasn't.
Turkey Team Ugh 4th Eliminated 19th Pecked Valentino's balls as he slept. Got eliminated due to being too perverted.
Pouch Team Slurp 5th Eliminated 18th Eliminated due to feeding Valentino Satan's Balls.
Snort Team Ugh 6th Eliminated 17th Stuck in a cup by Valentino and automatically eliminated. Landed in chair first.
Corphish Team Slurp 7th Eliminated 16th Stuck in a cup by Valentino and automatically eliminated. Landed in chair second.
Mime Jr. Team Slurp 8th Eliminated 15th Chosen by Valentino to be eliminated due to being gay.
Turtle Team Slurp 9th Eliminated 14th Valentino hated fooglefish and Turtle talked about it too much.
Munchlax Team Slurp 10th Eliminated 13th Was eliminated due to Valentino not liking him much, and hating his favorite food.
Ching Chong Team Slurp 11th Eliminated 12th Ching chong was eliminated for what he did in the second challenge and being asian.
Mickey Team Ugh 12th Eliminated 11th Eliminated for falling on top and squishing Valentino.
Max Team Ugh 13th Eliminated 10th Valentino eliminated him for being a boring and undeveloped character.
Aipom Team Ugh 14th Eliminated 9th Smacked and spanked Valentino angering him and causing his elimination.
Crackachu Team Slurp 15th Eliminated 8th Eliminated because Valentino left him in the cage forever.
Squirtle Team Slurp 16th Eliminated 7th Eliminated for setting up the camera incorrectly, twice.
Psyduck Team Slurp 17th Eliminated 6th Eliminated for "making the Voltorb not explode". However this wasn't honestly his fault.
Turtwig Team Slurp 18th Eliminated 5th Eliminated for not getting smacked in the face by a baseball bat.
Treecko Team Ugh 19th Eliminated 4th Chosen for elimination after Valentino gave Pikachu immmunity Glasses
Snake Team Ugh 20th Eliminated 3rd Stated Valentino's koolaid tasted like "Crap". He was eliminated after.
Azuril Team Ugh

Runner Up

2nd Was thrown out of the way 1st before Pikachu when Valentino claimed victory
Pikachu Team Slurp Winner 1st Was thrown out of the way 2nd after Azuril when Valentino claimed himself the winner


ILVGwebmaster as Valentino, Mesprit, Spoink, Ching Chong, Corphish, Crackachu, Floppy Mchair, Mime Jr., Munchlax, Pikachu, Pouch, Psyduck, Squirtle, Turtle, and Turtwig

Mrfrenchtoast85 as Aipom, Azuril, Hoops, Max, Mickey, Monster guy, Snake, Snort, Treecko, and Turkey


  • This is the only series in which Pikachu appears without Waffles.
  • This is the only reality show in which a contestant never speaks, Max and Turkey in this case. However these two do make animal and grunting noises.
  • This is the only series to have uneven teams from the start. With 9 on 13.
  • Of all the reality shows, this has the least female contestants with Pouch being the only female.
  • In many videos ILVGwebmaster says there's 21 contestants, however there is truely 22. He often forgot Mesprit as an actual contestant.