This Blog is for the ones who thought that [insert unfair eliminated character here] character was wrongly eliminated. It might be unfair, but each elimination has it's reasoning.

Toadal Drama Island Returns

An Explosive Welcome-Part 2


Yeah, this is a no brainer. He cost the team the challenge, but if Mario did nothing then he would most likely get eliminated since he's so disliked. The first elimination and the shortest reasoning probably.

Where There's a Will There's a Wendy

Wendy O. Koopa

The first elimination Mimi directly causes. Honestly Wendy wasn't gonna make it far with her attitude. She's useless and she also cost the team the win. Bowser, Mario, and Wendy probably all voted for Toadsworth. Bowser wants to be closer to Peach and Toadsworth is preventing that.

Smoulder Boulders


Wario only has himself to blame for his almost elimination. Costing the team the win and being lazy isn't gonna help you get far. Goombella might be annoying, but at least she's useful and smart. Now for Toadsworth, he is basically Peach's overprotective father. His only goal was to keep her safe, but her outburst made him realize that his services aren't needed anymore. He had no reason to stay in the game so he quit. Apparently it was his best decision in his life.

Total Dreamy Island


Another one of Mimi's eliminations, but Rosalina needed to look after the universe. She was gonna be eliminated anyway. Petey is one of the useless teammates so it makes since why he was in the bottom 2.

Dark and Desperate


Another one of Mimi's eliminations. Goombella was taken out by Kamek's alliance and wasn't really gonna make it far with Mimi around. Toadette thought that it was Daisy's fault probably because she either given the gun to Goombella or she let her kick it overboard or both. At least she's right to give up on Mario even though it was Mimi.

Crapture the Flag


Another one of Mimi's eliminations. Birdo is a pretty useless teammate compared to everyone else. She only cares about Yoshi which leads me to think what would happen if she outlasted Yoshi? Would she quit? Would she stay? Either way she's gone. Again Mario is just a disliked guy.

Bear Basics


Honestly I think Toadette had the best chance at getting eliminated since she's disliked by almost everyone. Starlow might be annoying and was throwing the challenge, but she wanted to get rid of Toadette. Wario is kinda lazy and not a good team member. He didn't have a good chance at making it far. He quit because he couldn't stay away from Waluigi that long and he was starting to get bored hence why he voted him self probably and quit.

The Jimmyjanga Chase


Another one of Mimi's eliminations. Mario did have potential to make it to the merge, but Mimi considers him a threat so he wouldn't last long. Warning #1: Don't get in Mimi's way. Bowser is also a threat to Mimi which is why I think that dramatic pause lasted long.

Catastrophe in the Kitchen


Toadette only has herself to blame for her elimination. Yes Petey did cost them the challenge, but better get rid of someone annoying and a threat than a stupid and happy guy.

Don't Mansion It


And another one of Mimi's eliminations. Yeah, like Toadette she only has herself to blame for her elimination. Should've kept her big mouth shut. Honestly Carl didn't have a reason to be in the bottom 2. Maybe Kamek, but not Carl. Honestly I think Petey would've been eliminated if Starlow kept her mouth shut since he and Luigi weren't in Kamek's alliance. Starlow's an option too since she wasn't originally in Kamek's alliance. Only Daisy and Wario were. Starlow and Carl did join later, but it's still an option. On to the merge!