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Bowser, Birdo, Yoshi, Boo, Peach, Toadsworth, Mimi, Mario, and Wendy

Episode Eliminated

An Explosive Welcome-Part 2


20th place (last)


Screaming Star Sprites

Toadal Drama Island Returns[]

Waluigi's journey in Toadal Drama Island Returns was very short. He only lasted two episodes due to losing the challenge for his team. He did not make any friends at all (Wario being his only one). 

Episode 1: An Explosive Welcome Part 1[]

Waluigi is introduced into the competition as the 12th competitor returning to the island. He is brought on board along with Wario and Mario. Waluigi is one of the few competitors to be competing in an episode and not have any lines in said episode as he does not speak in episode 1. Waluigi is later placed on the Screaming Star Sprites as its 8th member. He seemed to be upset that Wario was not on his team, however he didn't mind it anymore until the challenge started because he smelled gold.

Episode 2: An Explosive Welcome Part 2[]

Waluigi becomes a focal character this episode as he tries and lead his team to victory. He claims that he will lure everyone under a false sense of security before stealing precious stuff from them. As the immunity challenge started, Waluigi decided to lead his team to the wrong direction because he smelled something suspicious. The team decided to put their trust on him, however they realized it was a huge mistake.


Waluigi's elimination was very ironic. It was no surprise that he was going to be the first one voted out since he lost the challenge for his team by misguiding them to the wrong location. He was very disappointed when he had to take the fling of shame, however it was his fault for the loss of the immunity challenge. Waluigi and Mario were in the bottom two at the elimination ceremony and after Waluigi had asked about seat belts for the fling of shame he is flung out of the competition. In the end Waluigi was voted out due to his terrible mistake and causing his team to lose. Overall Waluigi became the first camper voted out from Toadal Drama Island Returns. His journey was extremely short, however he will never be forgotten. He placed 20th (last place). 

Other Episodes[]

  • Waluigi is mentioned in both episodes 4 and 8, both times by Wario who first admits to missing him prior to his elimination in the latter.
  • Waluigi will make an appearance in the finale as will the other contestants.

Toadal Drama World Cruise[]

  • Waluigi did not qualify for this season, but however, with the fact that he is brothers with Wario, Wario qualified for this season, but, Waluigi didn't.
  • This also means, that this is the 2nd time that Wario and Waluigi have both been separated from each other, 1st being in Where There's A Will, There's A Wendy, but it ended when Wario quit in Bear Basics.


  • Waluigi has the least amount of appearances and lines of all the contestants, as he did not speak at all in episode 1 and was eliminated in episode 2.
  • Waluigi is the first contestant to take the fling of shame
  • Waluigi became the first contestant to be voted out in Toadal Drama Returns and he is also the first male to be out of the competition
  • Waluigi is the lowest ranking member in his team (20th place)
  • Waluigi is ranked 10th place in his team
  • Waluigi, along with everyone else in the cast, except for Toad, Goombella, Wario, Carl, Daisy, Bowser and Peach, may have died from the explosion in Camp Wawanakwa in Revenge of the Cameos, but it is unconfirmed.
  • Wario and Waluigi are long time friends, not brothers.


  • This is the first time that Waluigi isn't competing with Wario
  • Waluigi also was the 1st one eliminated off Toadal Drama Island Returns, and because of that reason, he got lack of character development.
  • Waluigi is one of the campers who never survived a elimination and never slept in the cabins.
  • Waluigi appeared in the finale, but never really spoke.
  • Waluigi also was the 1st one to take the Fling of Shame, same thing happened with Birdo with the Canon of Losers
  • Wario hasn't thought about Waluigi at all while Wario was competing in Toadal Drama World Cruise