What Kids Do

First Episode

What Boys Do at Sleepovers

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Episode Length

1-7 minutes


Improv comedy

What Kids Do is an improv comedy show created by ILVGwebmaster.


The show consists of ILVGwebmaster and the rest of the gang being alone with a camera. Each vid has the gang acting random and stupid. They go completely improv and usually leave the camera rolling for a half an hour then edit the footage and only add the best scenes from the recording. Many perverted things are done on this show and it is one of the most mature of ILVG's shows.


ILVGwebmaster as Himself, Jack Sparrow, and Pregnant Woman

Emoevan7 as Himself, Jack Sparrow's Bodyguard, and husband

JCMGamer100 as Waffles

Mrfrenchtoast85 as Himself

MrJaxboy as Himself

Battlebears as Himself

Skyguy as Himself

Vocodes as Herself

TheBleedingAngle as Herself

BobtheCactus1 as Himself (Cameo)

Episode GuideEdit

Episode 1: What Boys Do at Sleepovers

Episode 2: What Boys Do in the Backyard

Episode 3: What Boys Do When They're Bored

Episode 4: What Jack Sparrow's Bodyguard Does Alone

Episode 5: What ILVGwebmaster Does with with Crystal Light Packet

Episode 6: What ILVGwebmaster Does on the Spinny Thing

Episode 7: What Vocodes Does on the Most Hardcore Ride Ever


  • The show, despite being mostly based on the true ILVG cast, does have a few fictional characters like Jack Sparrow, Bodyguard, and Waffles.
  • ILVGwebmaster almost got in trouble for this series at school. However as it had nothing to do with actual school, he got away with it.
  • The series is very similar to High School Humor.
  • Episodes 1,2, and 4 were all filmed on the same night but were uploaded over time.
  • Episodes 5 and 6 were actually taken from High School Humor and added to this series as it fitted more in this series.
  • Pikachu, Crack Rat, and Crack Yoshi all make cameo appearences in episode 4.
  • What Kids Do was originally called What Boys Do until females began appearing on the show.